Patients register with the Practice by completing the relevant registration form, on which may be indicated their Practitioner of choice.


Make an appointment at Reception or by telephoning 858128. We run the Advanced Access system which means one can book with a doctor of choice up to six weeks in advance or phone on the day for a same-day appointment. Once clinics are full the Extras are shared out among all doctors in on that day. Patients can also book online using the EMIS Access system.

Home Visits

These are offered if patients are too ill to come into the surgery. Request a visit by phoning 01225 858686 before 10 am. Be prepared to give some details to Reception staff as this helps doctors to assess patients' needs.


Please inform the Practice as soon as possible so that unused appointments can be offered to someone else. People who do not attend, waste doctor time and incur delays for other patients.

Emergency Contraception

Patients can be seen without delay. Please inform a Receptionist if this is your need. Should you not wish to give details at the front desk, a short note handed to a Receptionist will ensure your further privacy.

Telephone Advice

Indicate to Reception that you would like a telephone consultation with a Doctor or Nurse. Same-day requests will be allocated to slots in the Duty Doctor's sessions. Routine requests for a particular Doctor will not necessarily be returned on the day of request, but will be booked into the first available slot for that Doctor.

Obtaining Test / X Ray Results

Telephone Reception on 01225 858686 after 2pm when the staff will be able to help you.

Emergency Out of Hours

NHS 111 service

 You can call 111 when you need medical help out of hours but it’s not a 999 emergency. Out of Hours runs:

Monday – Friday: 6pm – 8am

Saturday – Sunday: 24 hours

Textphone Service


Patients who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired can use a textphone to access the NHS 111 service .


Contacting NHS 111


Patients can contact NHS 111 by dailing 111.


NHS 111 call handlers are trained to recognise these calls and to help patients with specific communication needs.


If the patient needs to be transferred to a NHS 111 clinical adviser for further assessment, the patient will be informed and asked to stay connected whilst the call is transferred.  As part of the handover, the call handler will inform the clinical adviser of the patient’s sensory impairment.


If a patient needs to be referred to another healthcare provider, a note that the patient has a sensory impairment will be included in the information sent to the healthcare provider.



There is a large parking area behind the Practice.  Special spaces are allocated for disabled parking, both here and immediately in front of the main entrance.

Disabled Access

A ramp and automatic door have been installed at the entrance for wheelchair users and there is also a specially adapted toilet. There is a Loop system at Reception. If you wear a hearing aid, turn it to the T-position and tell Reception staff. A portable mini-loop system can also accompany hard-of hearing patients in the Doctor’s consulting room should you need one.

Practice Area

A map of the area covered by the practice is on the wall in Reception. If in doubt, please ask for advice on whether you live within the Practice area.


Confidentiality and Patient Records

Patient data is kept on computers and the Practice is bound by the Data Protection Act. Confidentiality is respected at all times by all members of the team. Copies of the leaflets: “Your Records are Safe with Us” and “What we do with Your Medical Records” are kept in the waiting room.

Patient’s Access to Health Records

Any patient or their authorised representative has the right to access personal data which is held in either computerised or manual forms, from whenever the record was compiled (subject to certain safeguards).

Original records may never leave the GP premises.




Any request for access to health records must be made in writing. The request must contain sufficient information to enable the Practice to undertake the search required (eg Name, Address and Date of Birth).  Staff members will not release any information until they are satisfied with the identity of the person.


Fees that can be charged are:


£10     Maximum fee for copies of computerised records only


£50     Maximum fee for copies of manual health records, or part computer/part manual and other media.


The Practice does not have to release the information until the written request and the fee have been received. Once the request has been validated and checked the Practice should then provide permanent copy of all information requested.  Only copies of information must be released, no original records must be sent.  The Practice will comply with an individuals request within 21 days of receipt of the written request and the fee.



Patient Rights and Responsibilities


You will be treated as an individual and shown courtesy and respect at all times. Everyone working in the Practice has a legal duty to maintain the highest level of confidentiality about patient information. You may receive care from other professionals in the NHS and to work together for your benefit we may need to share information with them about your care. This is always strictly on a need to know basis only.  Whenever we can, we remove details which identify you. You have the right to refuse consent.


From October 2013 HSCIC will commence automatic data extractions from our clinical systems. Some data will be patient identifiable. You have the right to opt out. Ask Reception for the relevant information and forms.